Debt Relief

Deal with your mounting bills with these debt relief options

Debt Relief

What is Debt Relief?

Debt relief is the reorganization or forgiveness of debt, or the slowing or stopping of debt growth, owed by individuals, corporations, or nations. It signifies the weight being lifted from an individual as they dig their way out of overbearing debts.

Why Debt Relief?

Debt relief ease the burden of overwhelming debt and help make your monthly payments more manageable through debt renegotiation or replacing your debt with a new loan with different terms, including a lower interest rate, waived fees, an extended loan term or reduced balance.

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The top questions people ask us

Yes. However, most people would enlist the help of a specialist if they needed something outside their area of expertise. For example, if you needed a tooth pulled, you would go to a dentist, and if your car wasn't working properly, you would most likely take it to a mechanic. Creditors are experts in using tactics to get you to pay, and unless you have knowledge of the credit and collections industry policies and procedures, and the laws that apply, your results may not be what you had hoped for.

The original creditor retains the right to contact you, until such time as the debt has been transferred to a 3rd party for collection efforts. Because you may still recieve phone calls from the creditors, we will provide you with the tools you need to handle those calls. Your creditors can also contact you by mail. If you have questions regarding any correspondence you receive, you should immediately contact your Solutions Specialist. They will handle all of your creditors and collectors on your behalf.

No. We will handle only those debts that you want to include in the program. Many people retain one credit account for emergency use. Discuss your situation with your Solutions Specialist.

This is dependent upon the amount you can save monthly and how much debt you are have. At Debt Relief, we offer programs that can fit within any budget and can eliminate your debt in as little as 18 months. However, we will work with you to create a program that specifically address your needs and objectives.

Yes. Negotiations on your behalf will begin just as soon as funds are available and the creditor is ready to do so. Many consumers get out of debt earlier than expected after securing funds for negotiation. There are no prepayment penalties for getting out of debt early!

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Note: These are general Debt Relief FAQs. We also suggest you read the FAQs for the Debt Solutions company we work with.